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Kay Cole

CEO of Karma's Paradise LLC

Editor of Karma Babe Magazine

IG: @karmasparadise_llc

Shawnti Refuge.jpg

Shawnti Refuge

CEO of Shawnti Refuge Journals

Advocate + Mental Health Coach

IG: @shawntirefugejournals

Mi'Keila Harrison.jpg

Mi'Keila Harrison

CEO of Kingdom Brand Clothing

Host of Boss Chat in The Den

IG: @mikkisden




Hey I'm Kay Cole, CEO of Karma's Paradise Beauty & Fashion Bar, located in Grenada, MS.

I started my business after suffering from postpartum hair loss. After spending money on other oils that didn't work for me, I created my own and have been helping others gain their confidence back while growing healthy hair.

My favorite part about what I do is helping others and networking with like minded business owners looking to grow and expand their brands.

I would highly suggest shopping with local businesses like mine because you get a more personal experience with the brand. Not only do you get to see where you are investing your money in but you get to give back to a community just like yours to help your own people. I believe we can bring back a modern day Black Wall Street where we can all be successful and wealthy by pouring back into each other.

Kay Cole
Shawnti Refuge.jpg



I'm a Mental Health Coach, Advocate, Speaker & Writer. I help women to help themselves heal from emotional & mental health issues & traumas related to stress, anxiety, & depression.


I created a series of Self-care guided journals for emotional & mental wellness after I had my own bout with Severe Depression & Anxiety.


I refused to be put on medication & chose to get to the root of my emotional & mental health issues. I did this by journaling; guided journaling to be exact. Once I learned the power that guided journaling holds, I made it my business to help others who struggle with their emotional & mental health.


My favorite part about what I do is that I get to educate, empower, & encourage others who are having a hard time dealing with past issues & traumas & want to help themselves heal with holistic tools such as guided journals.


People should support businesses like Shawnti Refuge Journals because few people talk about mental health or the stigma behind it. My business offers a safe space for those wanting healing through guided journaling.

Shawnti Refuge
Mi'Keila Harrison.jpg



My name is Mi’Keila Harrison, everyone calls me Mikki. I am a wife to an amazing king and mother to three beautiful princesses. I am a Youtuber and CEO of Kingdom Brand Clothing where we offer stylish casual clothing for the entire family. I love networking and building with different businesses and people.

Kingdom Brand Clothing is a family orientated business. We started this clothing line because it represents our dream! The lion symbolizes Royalty, Strength, Courage, and Justice. These are all traits that we embody and try to represent daily.


Welcome To The Kingdom!!!

Acolla Edwards

Nik Austin


I believe in you. I believe in the power of your story. I believe you are strong. I believe you are beautiful. I believe in the goodness of your heart, the greatness of your soul, the softness of your skin, and the strength of your spirit!

Sometimes I struggle, just like everyone else.

And when people look at me they don’t often see Christ. But do you know what the Lord sees when HE looks at me?


He sees me... a sinner saved by Grace,

COVERED in the Blood of the Lamb.


And THAT makes me happy! 

This isn't my business, this is GOD's business!

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