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How to Unleash Your Inner Boss Babe | Ep. 29

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Today’s guest is a returning guest that needs no introduction... my mentor, Ms. Kay Cole of Karma's Paradise LLC. She puts on for her entrepreneurs through promos, graphics, virtual pop up shops & more.

Kay is a Brand Influencer, she specializes in Natural Hair Care; International Nail Artist & calls herself, the "Promo Queen" because not only does she design websites and flyers for small business owners, but she also promotes small business owners on her social media platforms and in her newest venture, her magazine, Karma Babe Magazine. Check out her magazine and if you want to be featured, go to her website and click the CHAT button at the right bottom corner of her website.

Virtual Pop up Shops... magazines... promos... graphics... what is it that she can't do? She is LITERALLY the G.O.A.T. of my generation for small business owners. She's my mentor for a reason -- and I'm fortunate to call her my "sister."

Listen to this episode as we talk about her latest ventures and how unleashing her Inner Babe is making her stronger than before—professionally and personally!

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