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Black Women Refuse To Be Boxed In | Ep. 37

CoRo Is a Crush episode 31

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Today is my one year anniversary AND the start of Season 3 of CoRo Is a Crush! I am soooo excited because this is my first podcast I actually saw come to light and I'm emotional about it 🥹 but I'm ok!

I got so much in store for y'all this season... we're gonna have a blast!

First, I want to share with y'all a new series that my husband and I are coming out with, called "The Comfort Zone", and we’re gonna talk about our most intimate thoughts about love, sex, family, and relationships. Our new series will start February 8th, so make sure y’all tune in for that because it’s about to get REAL crazy up in here!

Ok, now that I got that out of the way... on today's episode, I have the pleasure of having my girl Mi'Keila Harrison from Kingdom Brand Clothing LLC on Expand Your Empire!

Mi'Keila is the owner of Kingdom Brand Clothing, a family orientated business that features stylish, casual designs for the modern African-American family. Her and her husband started the clothing line because it represents their dream! The lion symbolizes Royalty, Strength, Courage, and Justice. These are all traits that they embody and try to represent daily and they do it well.

I met Mi'Keila (we call her Mikki) on Instagram while I was on Karma's Paradise's live one night, and the rest is history! I've been on her shows, Mikki's Den and Boss Chat in the Den (twice!) and I will be back on her show in March (more details later).

She is a sweetheart, down-to earth, and a dynamite woman. She is one of my speakers for the I Choose Me Virtual Summit this August (more details coming soon)!

Listen to this episode as we talk about why she doesn’t allow anyone to put her in a box and tell her what she can or can’t do.

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