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How Black Music Grew Into A Global Thing | Ep. 44

Updated: Jun 28

CoRo Is a Crush episode 44

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Babez… it’s been too long. Entirely too long since I've been on the airwaves.

For the past 2 months, I was forced to go on a spiritual walk. I got sick near the end of March and couldn’t get my voice to come back for my podcast… part of that spiritual walk was for me to be silent and listen to what God wanted me to do. That’s what I’ve been doing… finding out my spiritual gifts, understanding them, and utilizing them professionally and personally.

But now that I’m back… it's all good!

Black Music Month is a time to celebrate the art of black music and its profound impact on American society. It's also a time to reflect on the struggles that Black artists have faced in making their music heard and appreciated by mainstream audiences.

Tomorrow is Black Music Month and here at CoRo we're getting an early start. Local Indie music artist Quoyah is on the show today to introduce herself to the world with her music.

My husband met her at work and told me to listen to her music on Spotify and I can tell you, she has a gift and talent for music. Her debut album, The Moment My Sky Cracked Open, comes out this Saturday on iTunes and Spotify.

She’s also a beautician and business owner who makes clay jewelry, pots, and the latter.

Listen to this episode as we talk about how Black music has grown into a global phenomenon and how she wants to make her mark on the world as an artist.

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