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The Return of Press on Nails

Hey CoRo Babez! One thing y'all may not know about me: I’m actually a Certified Nail Tech!

That's right ladies and gents! I am a Certified Nail Technician!

press on nails

I became certified back in 2014 when I was trying to figure out how to work from home by owning a business. My son was about 6 or 7 during that time and with him being Autistic and have life-threatening asthma, something had to give. I wanted to be at home with him because my superiors couldn't understand the severity of his health. I was so distraught about what I wanted to do and the main thing I wanted to make sure was that I wanted to be good at it. That’s when it hit me: open a press on nails business!

I've been doing nails since I was 4 years old, when my father (RIP 🕊) needed his feet cleaned and as a diabetic, one of the most important things is that your nails and feet needed to be cleaned and clear of scrapes and cuts. He taught me how to clean his feet and keep them clean at all times. Doing nails became a bonus for me.

Fast forward to today... Covid-19 took a plunge on everybody - I mean, EVERYBODY... businesses, celebrities, jobs, homes, everyone! Even pets! But the one industry that took a hard hit was the beauty industry... barbers, beauticians, and nail techs. No one could do hair or get their nails done in shops anymore! 😭

So why did I decide to do press on nails instead of acrylic nails? Let me educate you!

multi-color press on nails

A little info about Press On Nails:

Press on Nails are artificial nails that are made out of plastic or gel that are attached to your natural nail with nail glue or nail glue applicator tips. Press on nails date back as far as 1954 when inventor and dentist, Fred Slack, broke his nail at work! These types of nails are a safe alternative to acrylics, gel, and fiberglass nails, because they cause less damage to the nail bed, they don’t require any filing, and there is no odor or dust during application! Its popularity came during the 70s and 80s by a company named Lee Press on Nails and now has made a comeback during the COVID-19 shutdown.

This pandemic literally showed me how I could take my talent and use it to my benefit and still work from home - create a mobile press on nails business. I started watching YouTube