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These are frequently asked questions about our store. If you have additional questions, please contact

  • How long will it take to ship my order?
    The time it takes for your order to reach you depends on: 1. PROCESSING TIME → This is the window in which you order will be created. All of CoRo’s designs are handmade, and require time to be made (with few exclusions). Processing times are found in the info of each listing. MAKE YOUR ORDER A PRIORITY and skip the processing line with our “Rush My Order” option. 2. SHIPPING TIME → This is the time it takes for your order to be sent to you from the time it’s put in the mail to the time it’s delivered. This depends on the shipping method you select at checkout. We are not responsible for delays during shipping. So, please keep in mind that the time it takes your order to reach you can vary.
  • How can I track my order?
    You can track your order by clicking one of the postal services below! USPS UPS
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! We ship worldwide.
  • My package was sent back to you, can you resend it?
    Yes of course! Simply contact us to make sure we have received it then pay the Re-Shipping Fee so we can send it back out.
  • My package was marked as "Delivered by USPS" but I didn’t receive it.  (Also read below for lost or missing packages)
    Once a package has been picked up by USPS and the tracking number associated to the order has been updated, CoRo hands over any and all accountability for shipping, transit and delivery. CoRo assumes no responsibility for lost or missing packages and are not required to issue refunds or replacements on these orders. If your order was marked as “delivered” by USPS and it’s missing, check with your neighbors in case the package was delivered to the wrong address by mistake or contact your local post office. You may also file a claim directly with USPS at Your package will be sent to the address you enter when you place your order. There will be no refunds for incorrect addresses, so please be sure to enter the correct address when placing your order.
  • Do you accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges?
    We gladly accept cancellations within 24 hours of purchase. After the 24 hours ALL SALES ARE FINAL and you agree to wait the time it takes to create your order. Also, due to the nature of our custom handmade products, we do not accept returns or make any exchanges (except in the case of products delivered in defective or damaged state. If so, email and include an image of the defective or damaged product).
  • Can I make a general suggestion?
    Absolutely! If you have a general comment, we welcome your suggestions and input! Please feel free to send us a polite message with any feedback you’d like to share with us!
  • How do I know the nail size I need?
    All of our nail sets have 20 to 24 nails in ranges from size 0 to 11.
  • What nail glue do you recommend?
    We recommend a professional nail glue such as KISS Nail Glue or KDS Nail Glue.
  • How long do the nails stay on?
    Wear time depends on how well you prep your natural nails before application, how rough you are on your hands and your choice of adhesive. With nails tabs you can wear them for a few days or even a few hours if you're wearing them for a special occasion. With nail glue, for about 1 to 3 weeks. We include detailed instructions with every order.
  • I'm worried that my nails are going to pop off. Any tips on how I can avoid this?
    Make sure to follow our Nail Prep instructions included with your order. This step is key to long wear. In addition, you can apply a Dehydrator and Primer for better adhesion. This is the same product nail techs use before gel or acrylic application so the product can adhere to your nails. You can also try using both adhesive tabs and nail glue together. Follow nail prep instructions and apply the nail tabs. Then apply nail glue over the tabs or on the back of the nail. Press and hold the nails in place for a few seconds. This dual adhesive combo allows longer wear time.
  • Are the nails reusable?
    Yes. The use of nail tabs will make the nails reusable. For those that prefer nail glue, I would suggest purchasing an inexpensive electric nail file. It'll gently buff away any built-up glue on the back of the nails and give you many more wears.
  • Are the nails strong?
    Yes! We use the best nail tips available made from gel unlike regular plastic tips and we use at least 6 coats of gel polish. Many of them also have a layer of hard gel, which makes the nails hard yet flexible enough to fit comfortably on the nail.
  • Do you offer custom designs?
    We do! If you have a concept in mind or would like us to recreate something you saw on the gram, Pinterest... anywhere just fill out our contact for so we can chat ideas. *We do not recreate work from other press on nail sellers. If you love it, buy it from the original artist. **Also, please note that not every idea or design fits our design style. So we may decline if it’s not something we can see doing. For recreations, we may ask if it’s ok to put a twist on the design to make it more our own.
  • Can I make changes to a design?
    Yes, made to order can be customized to your liking. If you prefer a different color, matte or glossy finish, shorter length or small design changes simply make a note in the special requests. For bigger changes that include adding on more or changing crystals please contact us first to approve changes or invoice your for a custom order.
  • How many nails come in each set?
    All Made-to-Order nail sets come with 20 nails. All Ready-to-Ship nail sets come with 24 nails.
  • What comes with my nails?
    All nail orders come with a mini nail file, cuticle pusher, buffer, 2 alcohol prep pads, glue, nail tabs, cuticle pusher, mini hand wipe, and application/removal instructions. Plus a little Thank You gift!
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