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Personal Development as a Business Owner | Ep. 26

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

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On today’s episode, I have former guest host Acolla Edwards from Bèl Larenn Cosmetics on the show. Acolla, if you don't already know, is the SHE.E.O & Founder of Bèl Larenn Cosmetics. Acolla was on Season 1 of CoRo Is a Crush for Episode 9 (Woman, Take a Break!) and Episode 14 (The Joys of Motherhood).

Acolla is here today to talk with me about Personal Development as a business owner. One thing we have shared is that this year has been a rough year for business owners... not just because of the recession, but because of not being able to attract customers due to the recession and inflation.

Acolla is celebrating her first year in business this month and she said that one of her business values is her customers. When you have repeat customers come back and make those repeat purchases. it is appreciated because the customer makes or breaks our businesses. But it falls back on how we treat our customers and that's where personal development comes in.

Personal development is a great tool for business owners. It's a way to grow your skills and improve the way you work, so that you can provide more value to the people who matter most: your customers. Personal development for business owners is about more than just learning new things. It's about learning how to apply those lessons in ways that will make your business better.

Listen to this episode as we talk about focusing on one area at a time and keeping track of what works and what doesn't work ass a business owner. If you take the time every week to reflect on what's working and what isn't in your business, your personal development can actually help you make more money in the long run. The best businesses are constantly evolving because they take an honest look at their shortcomings and use them as opportunities for improvement.

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